Launch into Scouting!

Rocket 4

Membership Recruitment Resources and Dates 2020 

Launch into Scouting in a COVID-19 World

On August 27 the Blue Ridge Mountains Council will launch their first coordinated “Launch into Scouting New Cub Scout Party”. 

There will be 29 parties plus a virtual party all taking place simultaneously Council-wide.  

Activities at the live parties include:  slime making, rocket assembly & launching, and more! 

Virtual party participants will get to view the activities and have an opportunity to launch their own rockets during follow up launch dates.  They also get to see the host of the virtual party get slimed!  

New members and parents at live parties can expect to meet their Pack leaders and receive program information.

Promotion will be primarily driven by Peer to Peer Recruitment.  Each registered Cub Scout will be given 10 customizable business card invitations to give to their friends. 

Additional promotion will be achieved by providing 10 Launch into Scouting yard signs to each Pack for display throughout their community. 

The final strategy will be social media.  All parents of current scouts will be asked to post & share a social media announcement and other social media marketing materials.

This is going to be the most logistically challenging membership recruitment event we have taken on and will require the engagement of every Scout, Volunteer and Parent.   

The key to success will be working with and maintaining open lines of communication with Unit Commissioners and Unit Serving Executives. 

We are all in this together and by working together we can achieve great things.      


Event Locations: 

Southern Service Area:
Jack Dalton Park - Collinsville 
Waid Park- Rocky Mount 
Ringgold Volunteer Fire Department- Ringgold
Paul C. Edmunds Park- South Boston

Western Service Area: 
APEX Ceter- Wytheville 
High School Band Field- Marion 
Moose Lodge- Christiansburg 
Randolph Park- Pulaski 

Northern Service Area
Human Kind Homes Campus- Lynchburg
Mountain View United Methodist Church- Lynchburg
Light House Baptist Church- Lynchburg
Covenant Presbyterian Church- Roanoke 
Vineyard Park- Vinton
Saunders Brothers Farm- Piney River 

More locations will be listed soon!