Tutelo Lodge #161 2018 Function Form

If under 18, please download the medical form, fill it out, and bring it to the event

Functions start at 7 p.m. on Friday and end 11 a.m. Sunday. ORDEAL CANDIDATES need the following gear: Work clothes, work gloves, water bottle, sleeping bag, ground cloth Friday night; Tent and Full Class A Uniforms for Saturday night

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Date(s) of Honor(s)

For current members only (not Ordeal Candidates). Includes all Functions, Patches & Dues.
Includes Candidate fee, Current Years Dues & Function Fee
Includes Candidate fee and Function Fee. Select this only if you took your Ordeal in 2016 or before.
2018 dues are $15.00 (If you took your Ordeal in 2018, your dues are paid through the end of the year)

If ATTENDING select "Attending" for the function
If ELANGOMAT select "Elangomat" for the function [No Fee]

March 23-25
June 1-3
Sept. 7-9
Oct. 12-14
Dec. 8
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