Adults Say Wood Badge is their “Best Scouting Experience

Adults Say Wood Badge is their “Best Scouting Experience"

            Lord Baden-Powell's goal of Scouting being “fun with a purpose” is not exclusively the domain of the youth; it also comes true for adults who complete the Wood Badge course. Here in our Council over half of the graduating adults describe this course as their "best Scouting experience.” Not merely good or great - but best - ever. That is a remarkable outcome. A common reason these adults give for such strongly positive feelings is the deep and lasting bonds they form while spending a pair of three day weekends with three to four dozen likeminded adult Cub/Boy/Venturing participants of all ages and experience ranges from throughout all Districts and the Council; all engaged in spirited leadership-related activities and classes. It is like summer camp for adults. And, our Council is not alone in it’s feelings about Wood Badge. This course is taught nation-wide; an article about the impact of Wood Badge that was published in the March-April 2014 Scouting Magazine reports that “you’re guaranteed to be recharged and ready to tackle any problem your Scouts through your way."

            The Wood Badge course is conducted annually in our Council to provide the opportunity for adult Scouters to experience and learn proven leadership topics effective in Scouting, business, and everyday life. It is taught by a high-performance team of two-dozen adult volunteer leaders from throughout the Council. The process to serve as a member of the Wood Badge staff is highly selective and competitive. 

            The 2015 Wood Badge course will be held on April 17-19 and May 15-17; Mike O’Brochta has been selected as the Course Director. For a listing of the adult volunteers who are serving as members of the Wood Badge staff and for more information about taking the course as a participant visit: 

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