United Way of Roanoke Valley Funding Cuts- Who it Affects

United Way of Roanoke Valley Cuts Funding of Scouting Program- Who it Affects


The Multicultural Initiatives programs of Scoutreach and Soccer and Scouting have sustained a $60,000 cut in funding from the United Way of Roanoke Valley. For details on this cut, and what it will mean to Scouting in the Roanoke Valley, CLICK HERE to see the letter from our Board.


To help us continue our program for at-risk youth in the Roanoke Valley, click HERE to donate to this initiative TODAY.


Here is an Example of a Roanoke Scout this funding cut may effect: 

13 Year old Jayvon Jones is one motivated young man. He participates in sports including football, wrestling, and basketball, and yet his #1 goal is to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, and he is well on his way.

A member of Troop 120, Roanoke, VA Scoutreach Initiative, Jayvon enjoyed his 4th Summer Camp experience at Camp Powhatan this year. "The best part of camp is being with my friends and participating in activities I can't do at home." said Jayvon, who listed campfires, fishing, the blob, and shooting as some of the activities he enjoyed most. "I liked being in nature and being in touch with the environment, but being able to earn merit badges at the same time keeps me on track to reach my goal of being an Eagle Scout."

A Parent's Perspective: Here is what Jayvon's Mother thinks of his Scouting Experience:

Jayvon's mother said that Scouting has helped her son learn to set and achieve goals, and to stay motivated. "There is a brotherhood in Scouting that I didn't know about before, and being around other Scouts, young or old, gives him good role models and helps him to keep motivated. It has improved his academics and especially his time management skills. Now, he excels in everything he does. He has even been accepted into Challenge Courses at his school."

Jayvon added, "Since I started Scouting, I have learned discipline and respect. My grades are better because it taught me how to focus more in school."

"If we [in Scouting] help one boy, we've made a difference in the world," said Mrs. Jones.