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2016 Friends of Scouting Campaign



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2016 Friends of Scouting Campaign Progress

(As of January 31, 2016)

Campaign Reaches 42.5%

Andy Agee, Council Friends of Scouting Chair, reports that the 2016 FOS Campaign continues to move forward with great success.  “We are very pleased with the campaign’s success so far.  For the second month in a row we reached our goal (42%). Follow up on our District Kick-offs, Family FOS Presentations and pre- Eagle Club calls have enabled the Council to achieve 42.5% of goal ($382,250.00) as of January 31, 2016.

"A special congratulations go out to FOS teams in the Dan River, Great Valley, Patrick Henry and New River Districts, and the Council Vendors for leading the way by being over their goal by 42%. Great job!"

"February should be a BIG month with Eagle Club (February 18th), community events and Family FOS Presentations. Our goal is to be at 60% by the end of February!"

The 2016 Friends of Scouting campaign runs through May 31st, 2016, and has a goal of $900,000.00.


2016 FOS Campaign

District Goal Actual 1/31/2016 Percentage
Council Services (Vendors) $70,000.00 $38,194.00 54.6%
Patrick Henry $130,000.00 $60,235.00 46.3%
New River $98,000.00 $42,341.00 43.2%
Great Valley $353,000.00 $148,959.00 42.2%
Dan River $96,500.00 $41,008.00 42.5%
Piedmont $90,000.00 $35,872.00 39.9%
Mtn. Empire $62,500.00 $15,641.00 25%