Training Course Summaries

Training Course Summaries


Blue Ridge Mountains Council training courses are listed below in alphabetic order. Please look at the Council Training Calendar for specific dates and times available for each course. Some courses are available for each district and will be held multiple times.

BALOO Orientation (for parents) 
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Pow Wow
Chartered Organization Rep. Training Scoutmaster Specific
Commissioner Basic Trek Safely
Commissioner Orientation Troop Committee Challenge
Cub Scout Leader Specific Troop Youth Leader Training
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner  Trainer Development Conference
Den Chief Training  University of Scouting
District Committe Training Workshop Varsity Specific
Foxfire NYLT Venturing Specific
Health and Safety Voyageur Specific
Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills  Webelos Leader Outdoor Skills
Leave No Trace Trainer Course  Wood Badge for the 21st Century
New Leader Essentials Youth Protection


Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO):
Training for the new Cub Scout pack leader who will be planning and implementing the outdoor program for the pack. It is basic information on the outdoors and equipment that may be needed, health and safety issues, and required permits. This 8-hour training presented by the district includes the following topics: equipment, campfire planning, cooking, nature hikes and games and planning outdoor activities. A 3-hour Baloo is offered occasionally by the Council and districts for Cub Scout leaders who have completed Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills or have experience in the Scouting's outdoor programs. Top

Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner and Staff Training: 
Roundtable training for the district Boy Scout roundtable commissioner and Roundtable staff. Training can be completed in three hours covering topics such as role of the commissioner, making displays, how to do demonstrations and planning, through annual, quarterly and monthly meetings. Presented by the Council. Top

Chartered Organization Representative: 
Training for the COR presented by the district or Council will give the participant an understanding of the important role they play in the organization. Topics included in this two hour training include: how Scouting operates, duties, the district committee and case study problem solving. Top

Commissioner Basic Training: 
Information every commissioner needs to be a successful. Presented by the district or Council. This six hour training covers unit visits, problem solving and charter renewal. Top

Commissioner Orientation: 
Presented in a meeting or by personal coaching to new commissioners within two weeks of being recruited by the district commissioner or assistant district commissioner. Covers general information on working with units to help them succeed. Includes the video "The Unit Commissioner's Orientation - Helping Units Succeed." Top

Cub Scout Leader Specific (Five Types):
Job specific information for all Cub Scout leaders and their assistants. Training lasts approximately three hours. Separate sessions for:

  • Tiger Cub den leader and assistant Tiger Cub den leader
  • Cub Scout den leader and assistant Cub Scout den leader
  • Webelos den leader and assistant Webelos den leader
  • Cubmaster and assistant Cubmaster
  • Pack committee, includes the committee chair

This training is presented by districts or by pack training coordinators working with the district training staff. Topics include organization, planning meetings and evaluating them, job descriptions and advancement. Top

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner and Staff Training: 
Roundtable training for the district Cub Scout Roundtable commissioner and Roundtable staff. Training can be completed in three hours covering topics such as promotion, importance of games and songs and planning meetings. Presented by the Council. Top

Den Chief: 
All Boy Scouts serving as a den chief should attend this seven hour training. Cubmasters and den leaders working with den chiefs may also attend to understand how to use a den chief most effectively. Time is spent teaching how to get along with Cub Scout and Webelos Scout as well as how to lead den activities such as games, songs and contests. Offered at Pow Wow and by districts. Top

District Committee Training Workshop: 
A four hour training presented by the district and Council for members of the district committee. Topics include the four functions of district operation and tasks of each specific committee. Top

Foxfire National Youth Leader Training: 
A week long council presented course for troop youth leaders. Participants must be at least First Class and age 13 to attend. Participants gain knowledge of leadership skills, share ideas with others from around the Council and build confidence to take the information from the course home to their own troop to enhance the local troop program. Top

Health and Safety: 
This training offers information for Safe Scouting beyond the policies contained within the Guide to Safe Scouting. Includes information of Sweet 16 of Scout Safety. Aquatics program and climbing program safety is covered. The training is especially important to those leaders involved in leading high adventure program but has information useful for all Scouting programs. This one to two hour training is offered by districts and the Council. May also be facilitated within the unit by permission of the Council or district. Top

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills: 
Providing leaders in Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting and Venturing with basic outdoor skills information. Given over one to two and a half days, it may include an overnight camping experience. Course emphasizes skills and may be accelerated by demonstrating mastery of specific skills. Skills taught are based on those found in The Boy Scout Handbook with emphasis on skills that build confidence and competence in leaders conducting outdoor experiences. Subjects covered include: flag etiquette, plant identification, packing and hiking techniques, map and compass, cooking and first aid. Districts offer this training. Top

Leave No Trace Trainer Course: 
This course is a nationally recognized outdoor skills and ethical preparedness program that certifies participants as Leave No Trace Trainers. It takes place annually at Camp Powhatan. All participants will leave the weekend with the skills, tools and resources needed to conduct their own exciting LNT programs. Venturers are reminded that LNT is one of their optional award electives. Top

New Leader Essentials: 
An introductory training for all new or untrained leaders that highlights the values, aims, history, funding and methods of Scouting. It addresses how these aims and methods are reached in age appropriate activities in Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting and Venturing. The 90 minute session is taken only once. Facilitated by unit training coordinators, districts and the Council. More Top

Orientation (for parents): 
"Fast Start" for parents. A 10-minute video tape is available for Cub Scouting. The tape may be viewed at home by families or presented at a pack meeting, den parents meeting or pack parents meeting. Boy Scout troops usually hold parent meetings that serve as orientation. Each gives basic information on Scouting programs, aims and methods. Top

Pow Wow: 
Supplemental training for all Cub Scout leaders. Workshop style training usually held on a Saturday with six one-hour sessions chosen by the participant. Fun classes on the outdoors, crafts, ceremonies and many more topics. Pow Wow is a Xouncil activity. Top

Scoutmaster Specific:
A one day or three 2.5 hour training sessions for Scoutmasters and their assistants. Presented by districts, this training covers advancement, patrol method, outdoor program and program planning. Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills is also required to get the "Trained" specification. Top

Trek Safely: 
Designed to help youth and adult leaders plan and carry out a safe trekking experience. The 40 minute session presented by unit, district or Council trainers with trek experience. Covers seven points of Trek Safely, qualified supervision and discipline and resources for planning a trek. Top

Troop Committee Challenge: 
Troop training coordinator should facilitate this two and a half to three hour training for the troop committee. Committee learns who has responsibility for various tasks and how to work together within the group. Top

Troop Youth Leader Training: 
A one day or weekend training held by the troop leadership for the youth leaders of the troop. Planning and conducting troop activities are emphasized. Top

Trainer Development Conference: 
An eight hour course for anyone in Scouting doing any type of training. Topics include why and how we train leaders, planning courses, training technology, methods and pizzazz in training. Includes hands-on activities. Presented by the Council. Top

University of Scouting: 
For all leaders, this seven hour council led event will help you be a better Scout leader. Participants choose from a variety of classes in membership, finance, service, program and general studies areas. Top

Varsity Specific: 
Training for Varsity coaches and assistants covering fields of emphasis for Varsity, organizing activities, understanding teens and advancement. Presented by the district or Council in a group setting or by personal coaching. Top

Venturing Specific: 
This six hour training is for all Venturing crew advisors, their assistants, Venturing crew committee chairs and members of the committee. Topics covered include understanding youth, resources and program planning, recognition and how to do a program capability inventory. Presented by the district. Top

Canoe use and safety training for adult leaders. This four day training held over two weekends covers Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense, reviews policies, planning trips and tour permits as well as learning how to use a canoe. Presented by the Council. Top

Webelos Leader Outdoor Skills: 
This one or two day training for Webelos den leaders is held in an outdoor setting. The hands-on skills taught are those needed to work with Webelos Scouts. Emphasis is on information needed to teach the outdoor related activity badges. Districts present this training. Top

Wood Badge for the 21st Century: 
All "trained" Scout leaders are invited to attend. Skills taught include improving group communications, traits of high performance teams and leading change. Course is taught over two three-day weekends or during a six day period. Following the course work on a "ticket," written during the course, is completed. The ticket is a list of projects and goals that the participant has 18 months to complete. Following completion of the ticket the Wood Badge neckerchief, beads and woggle are presented. Presented by the Council. Top

Youth Protection: 
Adults in Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting should view the 65 minute video available online, "Adult Youth Protection." Venturing crew advisors should view "Adult Youth Protection for Venturing Leaders," a 22 minute video available online. Covers types of abuse, two deep leadership and reporting requirements.