Adopt a Campsite

Blue Ridge Scout Reservation




1.  What is the purpose of this program?  The Blue Ridge Mountains Scout Reservation serves thousands of participants each year and each person impacts the land. In order to insure that future participants have the opportunity to enjoy camping on this property, the Conservation Committee is sponsoring an Adopt-a-campsite program that will improve the overall environmental health of our campsite areas.

2.  What will the group do?  Working with members of the Conservation Committee, your troop will plan and implement a program to improve the environmental health, aesthetics, and function of a campsite. Scouts will work on platform stabilization, construction of permanent campfire circles, troop trailer parking areas, revegetation, durable trails, signage, and a central shelter. It is also our hope that the group will contribute a portion of the funds necessary to complete the project.

3.  What will the council do to recognize our group?  The Council would like to recognize groups who participate in this program by placing a commemorative plaque in a prominent location within the campsite.

4.  How will this program benefit our group?  In addition to earning service hours and learning important conservation techniques, the campsite itself will serve as a permanent symbol of your group’s hard work and dedication to Scouting.



Campsite Impacts Threatening the Reservation

1.  Vegetative Impacts
a.Loss of vegetative cover
b.Compositional change
c.Spread of non-native species
d.Tree damage and root exposure
e.Tree cutting and loss of regeneration
f.Loss of shrubbery

2.Soil Impacts
a.Loss of organic litter
b.Loss organic soil
c.Soil compaction
d.Decrease in soil moisture
e.Soil Erosion

3.Wildlife Impacts
a.Habitat alteration
b.Wildlife distribution and harassment
c.Modification of wildlife behavior
d.Displacement from food, water, and cover
e.Reduced health and reproduction

4.Water Resource Impacts
a.Increased turbidity and sedimentation
b.Oil and gas from engines
c.Soaps (phosphates)
d.Fecal wastes (giardia)

5.Social Impacts
c.Loss of Wilderness and Isolation

6.Ecological Significance
a.Impacts are a departure from natural conditions
b.Impacts can alter the natural environment

7.Managerial Significance
a.Impacts threaten resource protection objectives
b.Impacts are expensive to repair