Committee Meeting Minutes 03/09/13

Conservation Committee
9 March 2013

Attendance:  Lee Spradlin, Jan Helge, Bob Garst, Jared Scripture (guest), Dave Foster, Dan Grubb, Joey Fagan, Jim Parker, Broadus Fitzpatrick, Joe Roudabush, Graham Simmerman, Jim Zinck, Donna Halley 



1.    Welcome and Introductions:  Lee Spradlin

2.    Task Group Updates
a.    Forestry and Fire Management—Lee presented the new MWV Forest Management Plan to the Committee.  The committee made a recommendation to present the plan to the Executive Board for approval.  Broaddus and Dan offered to help present the plan. 
b.    Fire Management Plan—Greg described the new fire management plan for Powhatan and suggested that the Ottari and Claytor plans should be complete before summer camp.

3.    Outdoor/Ethics—Joe bragged that our Council is responsible for SW VA having one of the highest density of Master Educators in the nation.  Joe plans to develop a list of  Master and Trainer resources within the Council.  He is also going to help organize volunteers to teach the Trainer Course at Summer Camp.

4.    Summer Camp—Greg made a request for the committee to help develop meaningful conservation projects.  Bob suggested that the committee help train staff during staff week.  

5.    Trail and Campsite Management-
a.    Dan Brown invited the committee to the Trail Boss program on 4-7 April at Camp Ottari.  This year’s projects will be finishing the high water trail to Point Camp, working on Bear Mountain, and possible some clean up crews.  
b.    Campsite Management Bill has developed a template on how to gather data on campsites, we need volunteers to assist with the inventories

6.    Wildlife and fisheries—Joey shared the new decontamination protocols to aid in the spread of white-nose syndrome.  

7.    Special Projects
a.    Dan Grubb reminded the committee that we must raise $7,000 before year end or risk losing the $3000 foundation grant for solar.  It was suggested that Dr. Shiner ask Kip to keep us abreast of future “fines”
b.    UOS Report—Bob Garst represented the committee and said his classes were well received.
c.    BRSR-CNRE Internship Program—Greg and Bob met with Dean Stauffer at Tech and we are waiting on he and his professors to develop an outline of how the program will function.  

8.    Updates
a.    2013 Goals
i.    Complete additional parts of the Ecosystem Management Plan
ii.    Implement a Forest Management Plan
iii.    Implement a Fire Mangement Plan
iv.    Enter into an agreement with a new Wind energy partner
b.    Invasive Species—Jim shared updates on Gypsy Moth and fire ants in VA.  Jim emphasized again that we need to not move firewood.
c.    Conservation Awards & Hornaday—William was not present but sent an update on his progress.
d.    Committee Website—Continues to slowly improve

9.    New Initiatives
a.     Water Mitigation might again be a viable option for the Council.  The Committee made a recommendation that the Council pursue this potentially lucrative option.  
b.    Energy Management Plan for Reservation—Greg presented an outline of how to develop an Energy Management Plan.  Jan volunteered to help recruit some volunteers to make this a reality.  
c.    Making BRSR more “nature based”  —no discussion on this item

10.    Upcoming Meetings
a.        8 June—Powhatan Nature Lodge
b.        12 October—TBD (suggestion was made to move this meeting to 19 October and host at VA Tech Campus—the 12th is a home football game)
c.        8 March 2014—TBD
d.        7 June 2014—TBD