Conservation Committee

Conservation on the Reservation



The Blue Ridge Mountains Council Conservation Committee is charged with the responsibility to advise the council on matters pertaining to the proper management of its natural and cultural resources. The Blue Ridge Scout Reservation is fortunate to encompass over 14,000 acres of wild lands. The conservation committee endeavors to protect these natural resources while fostering a conservation ethic among youth and adults through the implementation and supervision of the Council’s Conservation Plan.


To accomplish this mission, the Conservation Committee functions as an adjunct of the Council Camping Committee and is organized to include a corps of conservation/environmental professionals; representatives of local, state, and national conservation/environmental agencies, interested scouters; and District Conservation Chairpersons.

Primary Areas of Concern

The Council Conservation Committee has assumed responsibilities for several areas of concern regarding council operations and program:

  1. Preparation and implementation supervision of the Conservation Plan for the Blue Ridge Scout Reservation and other BRSR properties.
  2. Management of the council’s natural and cultural resources.
  3. Management of the developed camp areas.
  4. Management of the Conservation Awards.
  5. Preparation of guidance documents to promote the proper use and enjoyment of council properties.
  6. Assistance to and support of the summer camp program.
  7. Provide advancement, training and service programs and activities related to the committee’s mission and responsibilities.
  8. Foster cooperative programs and activities with local, state and federal agencies and organizations with related interests.
  9. Maintain a committee website to provide easy access to committee prepared resource guides and other documents.
  10. Cooperate with other council committees where responsibilities overlap in outdoor program and safety, advancement and training.
  11. Promotion of opportunities for conservation and environmental improvement service projects.