Incident Reporting 

The BSA is ramping up its efforts to increase Safety for our Scouts. The new webpage has been created  called “Safety First” on the National BSA site This site was rolled out over the summer and there are 3 things you should be aware of.

  1. Incident Reporting – in the past the BSA asked councils to report “Major Incidents”. We qualified those incidents where an over night stay in the hospital was required, or incidents that involved a Youth Protection Violation. Going forward we are asking units to report ALL incidents no matter how small. A Scout injured on a camping trip, A Scout injured at a meeting, including any incident that may come before the unit committee, such as, the reprimand/discipline/or removal of a Scout from your unit.
  2. Youth Protection issues MUST be reported within 24 hours. The process for reporting should be as follows;
    1. Ensure the Safety of the Scouts or Victims
    2. Ensure that the parents of the Scouts involved are notified.
    3. Ensure that Child Protection Services (CPS) has been notified.
    4. Notify the Scout Executive or Scouting Professional
    5. Enter the incident through the online reporting system.
  3. Incident Reviews & Recommendations – At one time this information was only accessible to Camp Directors and Council Staff. Now incidents can be reviewed for an number of Scouting activities. Having the ability to review this information will help leaders plan their trips and prepare their Scouts for things that they might encounter along their Scouting Adventure.