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Reminder: The Scouter Code of Conduct and BSA Rules & Regulations on the Policy Concerning Political Questions 

A reminder that, as you receive questions from politicians running for office.  Please refer to the applicable sections of the Scouter Code of Conduct and the BSA Rules & Regulations. 

Applicable section of the Scouter Code of Conduct

I will respect and abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America, BSA policies, and BSA-provided training, including but not limited to those relating to: 

  • Unauthorized fundraising activities 
  • Advocacy on social and political issues, including prohibited use of the BSA uniform and brand 
  • Bullying, hazing, harassment, and unlawful discrimination of any kind 

Applicable section of the BSA Rules & Regulations

Policy Concerning Political Questions  

The Boy Scouts of America must not, through its governing body or through any of its officers, chartered councils, Scouters, or members, involve Scouting in political matters. However, this must not be interpreted to prevent the teaching of ideals of patriotism and good citizenship as required to fulfill the Boy Scouts of America’s purpose. Faith-based teachings incorporated into the Scouting program by religious chartered organizations in a manner consistent with the Bylaws are not considered political matters. This policy does not prohibit the Boy Scouts of America from expressing its opinion upon matters of governmental concern when considered in its best interest by the governing body of the Boy Scouts of America. This policy does not limit the freedom of thought or action of any Scouter or member as an individual in a manner not directly or indirectly implying a connection to Scouting. 

See the full Scouter Code of Conduct here: 

See the full BSA Rules & Regulations here:  


Highlighted Activities

New Campaign Kit for Recruitment Marketing Now Available 

For the fall recruiting season, this campaign kit gives anyone charged with marketing Scouting a step-by-step guide. Developed by the National Marketing Support Committee, and providing links to marketing resources created by the Boy Scouts of America National Marketing Team, the easy-to-use guide provides strategies and simple, effective tactics proven to grow Scouting. Be sure to use and share this guide with anyone – beginner or expert – who is charged with marketing Scouting. Additionally, find other recruitment resources on Questions? Email  

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2022 Piedmont District Cub Scouts Fall Outdoor Funfest

October 22-24, 2021 11:45 am (Sat) – 9:30 am (Sun)

Fairview Christian Church Campsite (2250 Bent Creek Road, Concord)

Theme:  FUN! FUN! FUN!


BRMC Trout-O-Rees 2022

October 21-22, 2022 Registration open NOW

Help Wanted – in the woods!

The Council’s Conservation Committee is seeking some interested scouters to help with the nature and conservation efforts within the council. 

Please find the attached New Fiscal Policies and Procedures for BSA Units as well as an updated notice specific to third party payment companies, like PayPal and Venmo. These documents can also be found on the Council Administration webpage. 

Updated BSA Fiscal Policies for BSA Units.

Paypal and Venmo Reporting.  It also effects other online payment vendors.


It’s Popcorn Time!

 Flyer Updated August 4..

Time to make your Popcorn sales plans!