Unit Contacts

Patrick Henry

Edit District Unit Type Unit Number First Name Last Name Email Meeting Time Location Phone Number
Patrick Henry Pack 362 Barbara Dill [email protected] Redwood United Methodist Church 434-927-5040
Patrick Henry Troop 455 Barry Moxley [email protected] LDS - Martinsville Ward - Roanoke Stake 276 650-1697
Patrick Henry Pack 74 Brian Whitlow Stanleytown United Methodist Church 276 629-5778
Patrick Henry Troop 61 Charles Miller [email protected] First Presbyterian Church 276-336-3109
Patrick Henry Pack 97 Chastidy Heath [email protected] Hatchers Chaple United Methodist Church 276 251-7760
Patrick Henry Pack 2611 Crystal Perkins [email protected] Stuart Volunteer Fire Department 276-692-8867
Patrick Henry Pack 581 David Timma [email protected] Quaker Baptist Church 540 297-3715
Patrick Henry Troop 130 Donald King [email protected] Epworth United Methodist Church 540-721-5551
Patrick Henry Troop 68 Duane Edmonds [email protected] Bassett Memorial Methodist Church 276-673-6966
Patrick Henry Troop 168 Dwayne Adams [email protected] Ridgeway United Methodist Church 276-957-5013
Patrick Henry Troop 63 Edgar Dietrich [email protected] First United Methodist Church 276 632-9331
Patrick Henry Crew 619 Elizabeth Nichols [email protected] Henry Fork Service Center 540 352-2138
Patrick Henry Pack 61 Elizabeth Lawson [email protected] First Presbyterian Church - Martinsville 276-956-3947
Patrick Henry Troop 122 Gary Williams [email protected] Bethlehem United Methodist Church 540 297-6539
Patrick Henry Pack 69 George Stovall [email protected] Patrick Springs Ruritan Club 276-694-2694
Patrick Henry Pack 68 Greg Foley [email protected] Bassett Memorial Methodist Church 276-673-7612
Patrick Henry Troop 55 James Mullins [email protected] LDS- Stuart 276-930-1409
Patrick Henry Pack 55 Jamie Mullins [email protected] LDS - Stuart 276-930-1409
Patrick Henry Pack 375 Jason Carwile [email protected] Red Valley United Methodist Church 540 719-0095
Patrick Henry Pack 7 Jason Bryant [email protected] Woolwine United Methodist Church 276-930-1859
Patrick Henry Pack 168 Jeanne Lawson [email protected] Ridgeway Ruritan Club 276-618-2351
Patrick Henry Troop 362 Jeffery Chitwood [email protected] Redwood United Methodist Church 540-483-3784
Patrick Henry Pack 605 Jeremy Gordon [email protected] Henry Elementary PTO 276-629-2751
Patrick Henry Pack 411 Jonathan Walker [email protected] Martinsville Henry County YMCA 276 647-8568
Patrick Henry Pack 412 Jonathan Walker [email protected] Boys and Girls Club of Martinsville / Henry County 276 647-8568
Patrick Henry Pack 416 Jonathan Walker [email protected] YMCA Martinsville 276 647-8568
Patrick Henry Crew 5311 Jonathan Walker [email protected] Friends of Upward Bound PHCC 276 647-8568
Patrick Henry Troop 48 Jonathan Dubyk [email protected] LDS - Rocky Mount Ward - Roanoke Stake 540-280-1069
Patrick Henry Troop 65 Jonathan Wood [email protected] Stuart Rotary Club 276 694-7337
Patrick Henry Pack 81 Joseph Woods [email protected] Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church 276 638-1441
Patrick Henry Crew 48 Joseph Pratt [email protected] LDS - Rocky Mount Ward - Roanoke Stake 540 243-8275
Patrick Henry Pack 97 Katrina Sutphin [email protected] Ararat Ruritan Club 276-694-7651
Patrick Henry Pack 432 Kelvin Edwards [email protected] Boys and Girls Club of Martinsville / Henry County 540 484-4936
Patrick Henry Pack 122 Kenneth Dolph [email protected] Bethlehem United Methodist Church 434 610-2202
Patrick Henry Pack 73 Kim Dowdy [email protected] Fieldale United Methodist Church 276 629-1626
Patrick Henry Pack 166 Linda Henley [email protected] Smith Memorial UMC Board of Trustees 276 647-7179
Patrick Henry Crew 130 Mary Chaconas [email protected] Epworth United Methodist Church 540 420-7027
Patrick Henry Troop 375 Michael Joslyn [email protected] Burnt Chimney United Methodist Church 540-420-9951
Patrick Henry Troop 166 Michael Hardy [email protected] Collinsville Jaycees Lifetime Members 276 647-4288
Patrick Henry Pack 475 Michael Mcknight [email protected] Burnt Chimney United Methodist Church 540 334-2496
Patrick Henry Pack 178 Michael Scott [email protected] Axton Volunteer Fire Department 276 650-8050
Patrick Henry Troop 73 Michael Dethlefsen [email protected] Rangeley Ruritan Club 540 489-8603
Patrick Henry Troop 326 Nelson Fox [email protected] Broad Street Christian Church 276 666-0127
Patrick Henry Pack 111 Phyllis Dunnings [email protected] American Legion Post No #111 540 483-1505
Patrick Henry Crew 2011 Raymond Stubblefield [email protected] Franklin County High School Air Force JROTC 276 340-2288
Patrick Henry Pack 456 Rebecca Stefo [email protected] Rocky Mount United Methodist Church 540-238-1016
Patrick Henry Pack 276 Robert Humphries [email protected] Boys and Girls Club of Martinsville / Henry County 512-663-1378
Patrick Henry Troop 5312 Robert Humphries [email protected] MHC After 3 512-663-1378
Patrick Henry Troop 129 Robert Sims [email protected] Brick Church Of The Brethren 540 483-1970
Patrick Henry Troop 316 Ronald Amos [email protected] Gogginsville United Methodist Church 540 890-6536