Unit Contacts

Mountain Empire

Edit District Unit Type Unit Number First Name Last Name Email Meeting Time Location Phone Number
Mountain Empire Pack 641 Brian Gibson [email protected] Wytheville Baptist Church 276-620-1908
Mountain Empire Crew 832 Brian Karriker [email protected] Freedom Tabernacle Baptist Church 276 781-0779
Mountain Empire Troop 5 Brian Bunn [email protected] Monday @ 7pm Oak Hill Academy 276 579-3061
Mountain Empire Troop 22 Brian Blevins [email protected] LDS - Marion Ward - Kingsport Stake 276-780-2458
Mountain Empire Pack 83 Chelsey Lowe [email protected] First United Methodist Church Hillsville 276-237-9278
Mountain Empire Troop 83 Christopher Flowers [email protected] First United Methodist Church Hillsville 865-250-6109
Mountain Empire Pack 93 Christy Vanarnum [email protected] First United Methodist Church-Marion 276 783-5546
Mountain Empire Troop 58 Cliff King [email protected] Rural Retreat Pentecostal Holiness Church 276 617-1516 or 276-686-6955
Mountain Empire Troop 60 Donald Spiller [email protected] American Legion Post #9 276 228-2245
Mountain Empire Troop 424 Doug Barr [email protected] Tuesdays @ 7pm First Baptist Church of Galax (276) 233-7449 or 276-730-1218
Mountain Empire Troop 78 Douglas Smith [email protected] Chilhowie United Methodist Church 276-646-0131
Mountain Empire Troop 1004 Eric Blevins [email protected] Smyth County Moose Lodge 276 646-8702
Mountain Empire Pack 855 Eugenia Privett [email protected] Jackson Memorial PTO 276-699-0121
Mountain Empire Pack 810 Gregory Waller [email protected] Woodlawn United Methodist Church 276 233-3846
Mountain Empire Post 310 Gregory Leagan [email protected] Galax Fire & Rescue 276 233-2438
Mountain Empire Pack 832 Jean Pierce [email protected] Freedom Tabernacle Baptist Church 276 677-3583
Mountain Empire Troop 832 Jean Pierce [email protected] Freedom Tabernacle Baptist Church 276 677-3583
Mountain Empire Pack 58 Jeff Gregory [email protected] Rural Retreat Pentecostal Holiness Church 276 617-2550
Mountain Empire Pack 571 Jenna Dereus [email protected] Wednesday @ 7pm LDS - Fort Chiswell Ward - Pembroke Stake 540-460-0699
Mountain Empire Troop 93 Jeremy Melvin [email protected] First United Methodist Church-Marion 276-783-4426
Mountain Empire Post 315 Jerry Widener [email protected] Town of Chilhowie Fire Department 276 780-6516
Mountain Empire Crew 100 John Carper [email protected] Carroll County High School JROTC 276 639-6501
Mountain Empire Troop 188 Larry Diamond [email protected] First United Methodist Church-Galax 276-237-2637
Mountain Empire Pack 208 Mark Teer [email protected] Anchor of Hope Presbyterian Church 276-613-0279
Mountain Empire Pack 834 Michael Bedsaul [email protected] First Presbyterian Church 276 233-5581
Mountain Empire Troop 834 Michael Bedsaul [email protected] Galax Presbyterian Church 276-233-5581
Mountain Empire Troop 197 Michael Repass [email protected] Wytheville Presbyterian Church 276-620-6110
Mountain Empire Troop 810 Randall Scott [email protected] Coulson Church of the Brethren 276-728-2757
Mountain Empire Post 743 Roger Billings [email protected] Galax Grayson EMS 276 236-5337
Mountain Empire Troop 99 Steven Jackson [email protected] Fort Chiswell UMC 276-699-1329
Mountain Empire Pack 1004 Teresa Williams [email protected] Smyth County Moose Lodge 276-783-6036
Mountain Empire Pack 882 Timothy Donley [email protected] Grayson Highland PTO 276 579-2062
Mountain Empire Pack 281 Timothy Phipps [email protected] Baywood Ruritan Club 276 744-2375
Mountain Empire Troop 571 Warren Gwynn [email protected] LDS - Fort Chiswell Ward - Pembroke Stake 276-908-2386
Mountain Empire Crew 585 Wilson Spradlin [email protected] Wythe County JROTC Eagle Battalion 276 228-5088