Unit Contacts

Dan River

Edit District Unit Type Unit Number First Name Last Name Email Meeting Time Location Phone Number
Dan River Pack 346 Amy Yesalavich [email protected] Mondays Watson Memorial UMC, Chatham VA 434-446-3545
Dan River Pack 123 Amy Yesalavich [email protected] Fridays - 4:30 P.M. Boys & Girls Club of Danville 434-446-3545
Dan River Pack 377 Amy Yesalavich [email protected] Thursdays 7 P.M. Whitmell United Methodist Church 2168 Whitmell School Road, Dry Fork VA 434-446-3545
Dan River Pack 332 Amy Yesalavich [email protected] Tuesdays 6:00 P.M. Halifax United Methodist Church 133 Mountain Road, Halifax VA 434-446-3545
Dan River Post 391 Andrea Emerson [email protected] Chatham High School 434 251-7344
Dan River Troop 410 Audrey Powell [email protected] Thursdays 7 P.M. Oak Level Presbyterian Church, Vernon Hill 434-476-2786
Dan River Troop 497 Barry Thompson [email protected] Monday 7 P.M. Main St. Methodist Church, South Boston 701 N. Main St. South Boston VA 434-579-0390
Dan River Troop 372 Brian Poteat [email protected] Tuesdays, 7 P.M. Ringgold Baptist Church, Ringgold 434 822-8859
Dan River Troop 373 Brian Tubbs [email protected] Wednesdays, 7 P.M. Church of the Latter Day Saints, Danville 804-248-9792
Dan River Troop 452 Christopher Adcock [email protected] Sundays, 3:30 P.M. The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, Annex, corner of Jefferson Ave & Patton St. Danville 434-228-0860
Dan River Pack 356 Dan Vosberg [email protected] 2nd & 4th Thursdays at 7:00 pm Brosville Volunteer Fire Department 434-688-7646
Dan River Crew 361 David Clark [email protected] Riflemen Of Wynnes Falls 434 836-5652
Dan River Crew 67 Franklin Hitt [email protected] American Legion Dan River Post #1097 434 334-1533
Dan River Troop 356 George Frazier [email protected] Every other Sunday, 2 P.M. Brosville Volunteer Fire Dept 434-724-1895
Dan River Troop 68 Jason Medlin [email protected] Monday 6:15 P.M. Hargrave Military Academy, Chatham 217-377-1562
Dan River Pack 496 Jeffrey Strickland [email protected] Mondays 6 P.M. First Baptist Church, Main St. South Boston 336-583-1247
Dan River Troop 374 John Adkins [email protected] Tuesdays, 7 P.M. St Lukes United Methodist Church, 3090 N. Main St. Danville 434-251-6100
Dan River Pack 353 Josh Lucia [email protected] Mondays 6:00 P.M. Sacred Heart Catholic School Auditorium 540 Central Blvd, Danville VA 434-203-1333
Dan River Pack 376 Kathy Ferguson [email protected] Thursdays 7 P.M. Trinity UMC, 409 Arnett Blvd. Danville VA 434-401-1591
Dan River Pack 402 Katrina Fritz [email protected] Mondays 6:00 P.M. Worship Center / South Boston Foursquare Church, 1011 South of Boston Rd. South Boston 434-222-3654
Dan River Troop 346 Leslie Mace [email protected] Monday 7 P.M. 336 Craddock Lane, Chatham VA 434 441-0483
Dan River Pack 410 Letha Garner-Coleman [email protected] Thursday, 7:00pm Oak Level Presbyterian Church, Vernon Hill, VA 434-476-1342
Dan River Troop 473 Lloyd Pugh [email protected] LDS - South Boston Ward - Durham Stake 434-454-7445
Dan River Crew 0 Mike Coder [email protected] Dan River High School JROTC 434-822-8300
Dan River Pack 174 Misty Brumfield [email protected] Tuesdays 6:30 P.M. Anderson Memorial Methodist Church, Gretna 434-942-2786
Dan River Pack 372 Nancy Adams [email protected] 1st, 3rd & 5th Mondays, 6:30 P.M. Ringgold Baptist Church, 4594 Ringgold Church Rd. Ringgold VA 434-822-8353
Dan River Post 911 Nancy Snow [email protected] Danville Police Dept/Pitt Co Sheriffs 434-770-0428
Dan River Troop 300 Randy McDaniel [email protected] Tuesdays, 7 P.M. Mount Vernon United Methodist Church, 107 W. Main St. Danville 434-792-1645
Dan River Pack 373 Raymond Mullins [email protected] Wednesdays, 7 P.M. Church of Latter Day Saints, N. Main St. Danville 434-710-4077
Dan River Troop 332 Scott Strickland [email protected] TBD TBD 4336-583-1247
Dan River Pack 374 Taylor McKinnis [email protected] Tuesdays 7 - 8 p.m. St Lukes United Methodist Church, 3090 N. Main St. Danville 434-251-9170
Dan River Troop 377 Willie Stanfield [email protected] Thursdays, 7 P.M. Whitmell United Methodist Church 2168 Whitmell School Road, Dry Fork VA 434 203-2523