Unit Contacts

Great Valley

Edit District Unit Type Unit Number First Name Last Name Email Meeting Time Location Phone Number
Great Valley Troop 109 Aldo Campbell [email protected] Loudon Ave Christian Church 540 343-5784
Great Valley Crew 512 Allison Netting [email protected] First Christian Church TREC Camp 540 986-1670
Great Valley Pack 256 Andrew Ickes [email protected] Mason Cove Church of the Brethren 540-525-8568
Great Valley Pack 97 Andrew Ickes [email protected] 21st Century Community Center of Morningside 540-525-8568
Great Valley Troop 210 Andrew Sherman [email protected] South Roanoke United Methodist Church 540-345-5057
Great Valley Troop 601 Andrew Ickes [email protected] God's House Baptist Ministry 540-525-8568
Great Valley Pack 5 Ann Bird [email protected] Oakland Baptist Chuch 540 366-0996
Great Valley Crew 1912 Barbara Duerk [email protected] United Methodist Church of South Roanoke 540 343-1616
Great Valley Pack 136 Barry Stephens [email protected] Glade Creek Lutheran Church 540 362-5791
Great Valley Pack 418 Barry Polakowski [email protected] 6:30PM Mondays Penn Forest Worship Center 540 314-5898
Great Valley Troop 76 Bill Birdlebough [email protected] Fellowship Community Church 540-387-1068
Great Valley Pack 221 Bill Tingler [email protected] Cave Spring United Methodist Church 540-400-6969
Great Valley Troop 417 Bill Shep [email protected] Blue Ridge Church of the Brethren 540-947-2448
Great Valley Troop 2 Brian Kelley [email protected] Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church 540.392.1049
Great Valley Troop 773 Bryan Hunley [email protected] North Roanoke Baptist Church (540) 362-7059
Great Valley Troop 5 Butch Johnstone [email protected] Huntington Court United Methodist Church, 3333 Williamson Road NW, Roanoke, VA 540 362-2094
Great Valley Pack 904 Chip White [email protected] Boys and Girls Club of Roanoke of Roanoke Valley 540-525-8568
Great Valley Troop 904 Chip White [email protected] Boys and Girls Club of Roanoke of Roanoke Valley 540-525-8568
Great Valley Crew 5005 Chip White [email protected] Avancemos Roanoke 540-525-8568
Great Valley Pack 5005 Chip White [email protected] Avancemos Roanoke 540-525-8568
Great Valley Troop 5005 Chip White [email protected] Avancemos Roanoke 540-525-8568
Great Valley Pack 5006 Chip White [email protected] Avancemos Roanoke Inc 540-525-8568
Great Valley Pack 5010 Chip White [email protected] 21st Century Community Learning Center of Highland Park 540-525-8568
Great Valley Pack 236 Chip White [email protected] Covenant Presbyterian Church (540) 525-8568
Great Valley Pack 8 Chris Nicholas [email protected] Raleigh Court United Methodist Church (540) 798-6515
Great Valley Troop 256 Clyde Landreth [email protected] Catawba United Methodist Church 540 312-7038
Great Valley Pack 207 Craig Bryant [email protected] Trinity United Methodist Church 540-525-5052
Great Valley Troop 849 Daniel Miner [email protected] LDS - Cave Spring Ward - Roanoke Stake 540 266-7832
Great Valley Troop 7 Daniel Derringer [email protected] Our Lady Of Nazareth Catholic Church 540-588-0093
Great Valley Troop 418 Daniel Moore [email protected] Penn Forest Worship Center 540-529-1137
Great Valley Team 449 David White [email protected] LDS - Salem Ward - Roanoke Stake 614 787-0779
Great Valley Troop 51 David Harless [email protected] First United Methodist Church-Salem 540 387-2745
Great Valley Pack 23 Declan Daly [email protected] North Cross School 540 345-6127
Great Valley Troop 410 Dennis Taylor [email protected] Peters Creek Church Of The Brethren 540 598-3945
Great Valley Team 49 Derek Bohon [email protected] LDS - Back Creek Ward - Roanoke Stake 540 774-0970
Great Valley Pack 82 Donna Haley [email protected] Transfiguration Catholic 540 966-4243
Great Valley Troop 352 Douglas Hubert [email protected] Locust Grove United Methodist Church 540 798-1639
Great Valley Pack 51 Dustin Wimbish [email protected] First United Methodist Church-Salem 540-404-1401
Great Valley Troop 136 Earnie Harris [email protected] Glade Creek Lutheran 540-362-5791
Great Valley Troop 449 Eric Vest [email protected] LDS - Salem Ward - Roanoke Stake 549 798-2923
Great Valley Troop 289 George Weaver [email protected] Grace Church 540 387-3625
Great Valley Pack 601 Gerald Sayles God's House Baptist Ministry 540 344-1077
Great Valley Troop 235 Gregory Pino [email protected] Thrasher Memorial United Methodist 540 890-7466
Great Valley Troop 131 Gregory Childress [email protected] Buchanan Rotary Club 540 254-6623
Great Valley Pack 209 Harry Montoro [email protected] Northview United Methodist Church 540 362-2532
Great Valley Troop 138 Harvey Largen [email protected] St Elias Catholic Church 540 989-7849
Great Valley Troop 420 James Ward [email protected] Calvary United Methodist Church 540 343-3120
Great Valley Pack 449 James Gerken [email protected] LDS - Salem Ward - Roanoke Stake 540-537-4165
Great Valley Pack 229 James Doran [email protected] Mt Pleasant United Methodist Church 540 427-2891
Great Valley Crew 8 James Nicholas [email protected] Raleigh Court United Methodist Church 540 342-9762