Day of Scouting Sponsors

Thank You

We wish to thank all of the following individuals and companies for helping to make a difference in the lives of over 7,800 Scouts in southwest, central and southside Virginia by providing the financial support for one day of Scouting in 2017 (as of March 10, 2017). Their belief in and support of Scouting is greatly appreciated.

Jan 09 Wade Neiman Piedmont
Jan 15 Steve Rossi Great Valley
Feb 18 Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center Council
Mar 11 Betty and Billy Kingery Patrick Henry
Mar 20 Altec/Styslinger Foundation Great Valley
Mar 21 Al Baker Piedmont
Mar 22 Jim Ford Patrick Henry
Mar 23 HomeTown Bank Council
Mar 25 Barry Hensley Great Valley
Apr 04 J&J Technical Solutions Council
Apr 07 City of Salem, VA Council
Apr 08 Powell Charitable Foundation Great Valley
Apr 11 Don Barker New River
Apr 21 Lucas and Judie Snipes Great Valley
Apr 24 Rob Crittenden Great Valley
Apr 27 Jim Nicholas Great Valley
Apr 28 Ken and Shelley Lyons Great Valley
May 03 George Lester Patrick Henry
May 04 Tutelo Lodge, Order of the Arrow Council
May 05 John Jones Piedmont
May 09 Titan America Great Valley
May 10 BB&T Council
May 12 Lee Lester Patrick Henry
May 13 Chandler Concrete Great Valley
May 15 Kiwanis Club of Salem Great Valley
May 16 RL Swope and Associates Great Valley
May 18 Linda Granata New River
May 20 BNC Bank Great Valley
May 24 David Burns Great Valley
May 25 Hershel Stone Dan River
May 26 Bob Sells Great Valley
May 27 John Adkins Dan River
May 29 Carl Milko Great Valley
May 30 William Easterling New River
Jun 01 Kurt Webber/Blanco Great Valley
Jun 04 Dickie Stowers Piedmont
Jun 05 Chuck Rowell Patrick Henry
Jun 06 Graham and Thelma Stephens Great Valley
Jun 07 John Prahinski Piedmont
Jun 10 Terry and Rebecca Beamer Mountain Empire
Jun 11 Mrs. Frances Merryman Piedmont
Jun 13 Marva Maid Dairy Council
Jun 17 BB&T Insurance Services Council
Jun 24 Kent and Ann Brown Dan River
Jul 01 Brenton/ LaCroix Group Council
Jul 05 Danville Lions Foundation Dan River
Jul 06 Boxley Great Valley
Jul 07 Sam Bell New River
Jul 08 General Mills Council
Jul 10 Tom Mohr Great Valley
Jul 11 Blue Ridge Beverage Company Council
Jul 12 Tim and Amy Bradley Great Valley
Jul 13 Burr Fox Patrick Henry
Jul 14 John Mann Great Valley
Jul 15 John Randy Forehand Great Valley
Jul 24 Paul Weary Great Valley
Jul 25 Vincent Stone Patrick Henry
Jul 26 Mattern & Craig Council
Jul 27 Excel Truck Group Great Valley
Jul 28 Frank King Dan River
Jul 29 John Hines Great Valley
Aug 01 William Lacy New River
Aug 02 David Lyerly New River
Aug 03 Elizabeth Arden Great Valley
Aug 04 Phil Garrett Council
Aug 05 Robert Roberts Piedmont
Aug 06 Ruth Chaney Patrick Henry
Aug 10 Todd Newman Dan River
Aug 14 Dudley Walker Patrick Henry
Aug 17 Spencer Frantz Great Valley
Aug 23 Jeff Johnson Mountain Empire
Aug 24 Will Pannill Patrick Henry
Aug 27 Dan Grubb New River
Sep 02 Roanoke Valley Breakfast Lions Club Patrick Henry
Sep 08 Apex Clean Energy Council
Sep 10 Russ and Nancy McDaniel Great Valley
Sep 12 Dan and Gale Johnson Great Valley
Sep 13 Neil Holyfield Mountain Empire
Sep 17 Ed and Marilyn Harriman Great Valley
Sep 19 Roy Creasey Great Valley
Sep 20 Irving Groves Patrick Henry
Sep 24 Shelby Dickerson Great Valley
Oct 14 Summit Helicopter Great Valley
Oct 17 AAA Trophies Council
Oct 18 Bob Garst Great Valley
Oct 19 Rick Wimmer Great Valley
Oct 22 Bill Oswald Dan River
Oct 24 Ted and Kirsten Anderson/ Boncote New River
Oct 25 Groves/ Chaney Foundation Patrick Henry
Nov 03 Carter Machinery Great Valley
Nov 09 U.S. Food Service, Inc. Council
Nov 11 Carl Milko Great Valley
Nov 12 Bill Brown Great Valley
Nov 13 William Martin Patrick Henry
Nov 14 Marcus Speaker Council
Nov 15 David Gregory Piedmont
Nov 16 Richard Cohen Great Valley
Nov 17 Dixon Low Great Valley
Nov 25 Jim Parker Mountain Empire
Nov 26 VA Friends of the NRA Council
Nov 28 Dave Clark Dan River
Nov 29 Blue Ridge Aquaculture Patrick Henry
Dec 02 Chopper Snyder Patrick Henry
Dec 07 Scott Midkiff New River
Dec 28 Al and Lucy Croy Great Valley