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District Name Unit Type Unit No First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix 2016 total sales Council/District Rank
New River Troop 152 Erik Weston Covington   $7,972.00 Blue Ridge Mountains Council ONE
Great Valley Troop 540 Arthur Richard Sadler   $3,885.00 Blue Ridge Mountains Council TWO
New River Pack 152 Thomas Edward Dement III $3,601.00 Blue Ridge Mountains Council THREE
Dan River Pack 374 Cole A Abercrombie   $3,205.00 Dan River District ONE
Dan River Pack 374 Juan Christian Gonzalez   $1,714.00 Dan River District TWO
Dan River Pack 356 Gavin   Whitener   $1,579.00 Dan River District THREE
Great Valley Troop 333 Nathan   Etzler   $3,238.00 Great Valley District ONE
Great Valley Pack 1 Dylan Shawn ONeill   $2,228.00 Great Valley District TWO
Great Valley Pack 1 William Edward Holt   $2,204.00 Great Valley District THREE
Mtn Empire Pack 834 Joseph Michael Bedsaul   $1,560.70 Mountain Empire Distict ONE
Mtn Empire Pack 834 Caleb Mason Mitchell   $1,175.87 Mountain Empire Distict TWO
Mtn Empire Pack 832 Avery James Greer   $1,069.00 Mountain Empire Distict THREE
New River Troop 158 Patrick Lawson Davis   $2,066.40 New River District ONE
New River Troop 44 Jonathan Winfield Goerlich   $2,037.00 New River District TWO
New River Troop 158 Richard Lee Linkous   $1,303.00 New River District THREE
Patrick Henry Pack 456 Peter Michael Stefo   $3,040.00 Patrick Henry District ONE
Patrick Henry Pack 456 William Scott Booth   $2,133.00 Patrick Henry District TWO
Patrick Henry Pack 456 Jacob   Stefo   $1,554.00 Patrick Henry District THREE
Piedmont Pack 10 Alec Corbin Stickle   $3,511.00 Piedmont District ONE
Piedmont Troop 180 Ryan Asa Newman   $3,050.00 Piedmont District TWO
Piedmont Troop 184 Steven Bradley Floyd   $2,032.00 Piedmont District THREE





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