Camp Cards 2017- Camp Cards are IN! Get Ready to SELL!

2017 Camp Cards 

Final Days of the Camp Card Campaign- People are Asking for Them!

So What Can YOU Do to HELP NOW??
Encourage your Scouts to earn their way to Camp, Adventure and all that is good about Scouting!

With every card sold for $5, the Unit keeps $2.50 that can be applied to the Scouts' program costs. Help your Scouts learn communication skills and self-confidence, take responsibility for their own programs, and earn their way to Camp, High Adventure and beyond!

Encourage them to get out and sell, and help them by encouraging your neighbors, co-workers and relatives to help out- these are HIGH VALUE cards and will pay back throughout the year!
Thank you for all you do for the Scouts!


Get out NOW that the weather is nice- plenty of BIG BOX stores and Malls are empty now that other groups are no longer selling.

Tractor Supply has let the Scouts behind the counters to sell the cards. Bojangles, McDonalds and Dominos have all been very supportive.

Dairy Queen is a great target now that the weather is getting warmer!


Key Dates & Action Steps

  • May 15– Money and unsold cards returned to District Executives
  • May 22– last date for turn-in; after this date Unit forfeits 1/2 of commission ($1.25/card sold)
  • June-July– GO TO CAMP!

Click HERE for your Camp Card Leaders' Guide



Sell 10 Cards– 1 Scout earns his way to Gold Rush or Family Camping

Sell  60 Cards– 1 Scout earns his way to Cub Scout Day Camp

Sell 100 Cards– Earn enough for new Camping Equipment

Sell 140 Cards– 1 Scout earns his way to Boy Scout Summer Camp

(Approximate amounts)



Click HERE for your Camp Card Leaders' Guide